Product Information

The Precast Hollow Core Slab (PHCS) was designed for the purpose of introducing some innovations in the construction of reinforced concrete floor slabs that is to build better and economical floor system in the shortest time possible. As commonly practiced, the construction of cast-in-place floor slabs requires so much formworks and scaffoldings. And in the process it requires so much manpower and time, both in the preparation for concrete pouring and removal of formworks after the concrete has cured. Furthermore, a significant amount of waiting time is required for concrete curing before the formworks are removed.

Based on these observations, it is possible to reduce the construction cost by way of virtually eliminating the formworks and at the same time, reducing significantly the duration of concrete curing. Thus an alternative to cast-in-place conventional floor slab is proposed by introducing the Precast Hollow Core Slab.

The PHCS is a reinforced concrete slab with hollow cores along its longitudinal direction. Each PHCS unit when placed side by side grouted in between with concrete fillers and welded at the end supports, acts as a floor slab and is a better alternative to cast-in-place floor slabs.

This PHCS when assembled to form a complete slab ensures faster, simpler and economical construction.



A significant factor in reducing the construction cost is that the PHCS employ less concrete, and thus is considered lighter compared to conventional slabs but with a higher carrying capacity.


Volume of Concrete per m

  :   0.045cu.m. /m

Dead Weight of HCS per m

  :    1.05 kN/m

Min. Compressive Strength

  :    3,000 psi at 28 days

Concrete Topping Thickness

  :    40mm