CONCRETEK, INC. is a company that manufactures and supplies precast Hollow Core Slab in the Davao Region. Founded and established in June 2011 by innovative and visionary Structural Engineers, the company was formed to supply the increasing demand of the construction industry and to promote a better alternative to conventional floor slabs.

Early 2012, Concretek was formally incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Its application for its PHCS patent claims is still pending with the Department of Trade and Industry.

Determined to producing products that saves time, are safe, and reasonably priced, it continues to pursue advancement in the Research and Development for new and effective precast concrete technologies.

Concretek envisions not only providing the Precast Hollow Core Slab but also advancing to provide other structural precast products in the future. The company also envisions the diversion of the use of the innovative precast products in Davao, Mindanao, and even the whole Philippines.


Provide better alternatives through innovative structural precast concrete product & systems


A God centered manufacturing and trading company that will produce & market innovative structural precast concrete products and systems in order to help clients build better & economical structures in the shortest time.

CORE Values


    Every activity in the company must be done to honor the Creator and Sustainer of all things through excellent service to the clients while pursuing pleasant relations among workers.


    All information from tests is considered sacred and must be treated with utmost care and confidentiality.


    Accurate information from correct test procedure is invaluable.


    We conduct our transactions in a fair and truthful manner.


    Everyone in the company is considered a never-ending learner and therefore is continually growing and developing, both professionally and personally.

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Phone: (082) 241-2886
Fax: (082) 241-2924
E-mail: inquiry@concretek.com.ph


visit us at
B&L Bldg., Beside Davao River Bridge,
Diversion Road Davao City Philippines